Natural Spray Millet Bird Treats 12 counts


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Give your bird a treat that will entertain and mentally stimulate him with Kaytee Natural Spray Millet Bird Treats. Birds are intelligent and treats are a great way to keep your bird active, encourage foraging, alleviate stress and prevent boredom and behaviors associated with inactivity. Kaytee Natural Spray Millet Bird Treats are sprigs of millet, a cereal grain that birds love. Hang it in your bird's cage or allow your bird to hold the spray in his feet and pluck the millet from it to give him an enriching activity that mimics what birds do in the wild. This premium, low-fat treat can be offered to your bird daily.

For best results, hang a spray of millet by a clip or insert in a holder near a perch or in an easily accessible location. It is best to keep the millet off the bottom of the cage where it may become contaminated. Replace weekly or more frequently if desired. Do not allow your bird to eat only spray millet. The majority of its diet should consist of 1 of Kaytee's nutritionally fortified diets. Store in a cool, dry location.

Natural Orange Slices Bird Treats, 0.7-oz bag


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Product Details

Dried Orange Slices.

Key Benefits
Free of artificial flavors, colors & preservatives
Great for birds of all sizes
100% edible and can be fed as a treat or mixed into your pet's food for a very special meal
Orange slices help stimulate the natural foraging instinct and relieve cage boredom
A natural and healthy treat pet bird's find irresistible

Manufactured in a facility that processes shrimp, peanuts and other tree nuts. Not for human consumption.